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The brand new GCSE system in England goes to be graded from 9 to 1. However is 9 a counter-intuitive high rating? 9 is the nearly-man and lady of numbers – nearly, however not fairly 10.

However this transformation in examination grades may very well be the large breakthrough for this undervalued quantity. Neglect high 10s. Neglect 10 out of 10. 9 is okay. It is… er… primary.

1. Amps as much as 11. If number one was the highest grade, it could be troublesome to go upwards, in the best way that the previous A grade had an improve to A*. There’s nowhere to transcend above a 1. However when in a couple of years the inevitable clamour comes that the 9 is just too straightforward, it will likely be easy sufficient to stay up the highest grade to 10.

Nigel Tufnel within the traditional mock rockumentary Spinal Faucet defined the precept when he boasted about why the band’s amplifiers went as much as 11.

Tufnel: “If we’d like that further push over the cliff, you already know what we do?”

Interviewer: “Put it as much as 11.”

Tufnel: “Eleven. Precisely. One louder.”

Interviewer: “Why do not you simply make 10 louder and make 10 the highest quantity and make that a little bit louder?”

Tufnel: “These go to 11.”

2. As much as the nines. It has been ingrained that rankings run downwards in standing – whether or not it is the pop charts taking place from primary or college diploma grades with first-class above second and third.

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But it surely needn’t be this fashion. 9 has its personal idiomatic claims to be high. Dressed to the nines. The entire 9 yards. A sew in time saves 9. Fortunate cats have 9 lives. A whip with many ends is a “cat-o’-nine tails”.

Since historical occasions, 9 appears to have been related to the horizon, the final level on a numbering system earlier than starting once more. All of them indicate 9 is a excessive level or a lot of one thing.

Three. The inevitable headline. It is solely a matter of time earlier than information tales about GCSE outcomes have photos of brainy, leaping triplets celebrating a string of high grades with the headline “On cloud 9.”

four. 9 is a mystical quantity. Hinduism, the religions of historical Greece and Egypt and Norse mythology all use 9 as a major and symbolic quantity. There are associations with completeness and fulfilment. On Christmas Eve, the long-lasting service from King’s School Cambridge is 9 Classes and Carols. The prayer cycles of “novenas” are over 9 days.

The pop singer John Lennon has been described as having been obsessive about the quantity 9. He was born on the ninth, he lived in a home with a quantity 9 and numerous occasions in his life had been related to the quantity.

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5. Bingo lingo. Within the banter of bingo callers, quantity 9 is “physician’s orders”. There are competing theories in regards to the origins, together with that Quantity 9 was the title of a laxative capsule given by military and navy docs throughout World Conflict Two.

6. A gaggle of 9 known as an ennead. And in geometry, an enneagon or nonagon is a nine-sided form. Or how about that “midday” is initially from the Latin for the ninth hour? Assume such uplifting ideas, and while you hear “9 to 1”, do not take into consideration Fifteen to One and even worse, Three-2-1 and Dusty Bin.

7.9 circles of hell. Youngsters getting their outcomes, dealing with the lengthy, tortuous battle in the direction of a grade 9, would possibly really feel empathy with these sinners in Dante’s Inferno who face 9 circles of ache and torment.

eight. “How is 9 on high?” Each phrase has to start someplace. It is going to be heard muttered in houses throughout England, as mother and father attempt to make out whether or not they need to offer congratulations or commiserations. “It says 9. However 9 out of what?”

9. 9-day marvel? Probably not. The swap to utilizing numerical grades for GCSEs goes to unfold to different topics over the following few years. And should you’re on the lookout for irony, the phrase “nine-day marvel” has been round for at the least 400 years and doubtless for much longer.